YouTube Expands Covid-19 Move To Block All Anti-vaccine Content

YouTube has announced the removal of content spreading misinformation about all approved vaccines. It also says that the ban on false claims about the Kovid-19 vaccine will be expanded. The company said that videos threatening the approved vaccine and causing cancer, infertility, autism will be blocked. The company’s policy includes eliminating the accounts of anti-vaccine influencers.

YouTube crackdown against anti-vaccine propaganda

According to the company, it has already banned the post spreading false myths about the treatment of corona virus infection. Anti-vaccine content will be removed, including notable users who threaten approved vaccines. But his concern is about the spread of the medical conspiracy theory. The company said in the statement, “We have already seen the spread of misinformation and claims about the generic vaccine and the vaccine for Kovid-19.

Now we have reached a point where it is more important than ever to expand the work that we started with Kovid-19 to other vaccines. and said that those spreading false information on the vaccine will be blocked. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has already been stopped from Instagram in February for spreading false news about Kovid-19 and its vaccine.

Videos and content spreading false news will be removed

The company said that the expanded policy will be applicable to the safe and effective vaccines currently being implemented and specified by local health including the World Health Organization. This means that false claims about common vaccines for diseases such as hepatitis B and measles will be removed from YouTube. Content that falsely implicates an approved vaccine as the cause of autism, cancer or infertility or claims that the vaccine contains chips will also be removed. YouTube said that in the case of any updates, it takes time for our system to accelerate the change. However, some exceptions were also announced in the new guidelines. The company informed about the removal of 1 lakh 30 thousand videos from last year on the violation.