People Protest Against Taliban On Orders To Evacuate People In Kandahar

Kandahar Protest: After completely capturing Afghanistan, now the Taliban have started oppressing the people. It is being reported that the Taliban has ordered thousands of people living in the army’s residential colony in Kandahar, Afghanistan, to leave their homes in three days. Against which thousands of people have now come out on the streets. At present, the protesting people have gathered in front of the Governor’s House in Kandahar.

Instructions given to people to leave the colony

In fact, the Taliban have planned to make thousands of people homeless in Zara Farqa, a suburb of Kandahar populated by ex-servicemen from Afghanistan. The Taliban have ordered thousands of residents to leave the colony to make arrangements for their fighters to live.

People protesting against Taliban

At the same time, local people say that he does not want to go anywhere else, so now he has come out on the streets in thousands to oppose the Taliban. According to a local resident, it has been told that more than ten thousand people live in the area. including the wives of soldiers killed or injured in action against the Taliban in the past 20 years.

Taliban fighters beat up journalists covering protest march

According to reports, some journalists who covered the protest march on Tuesday were harassed and beaten up by Taliban guards. In response to the protests, the governor of Kandahar has temporarily banned any evictions. He says that the matter will be discussed with the elders of the community, only after which a decision will be taken.