Haqqani Network Now Become More Powerful Without His Consent Impossible To Run Taliban Government Ann

Afghanistan Crisis: The head of the Haqqani network, Sirajuddin Haqqani, has made huge investments in Pakistan for the security of his family and has taken the post of interior minister in Afghanistan at the behest of his power light house ISI. The Haqqani network has become so powerful that both Pakistan and the Taliban cannot run their rule without its consent. By grabbing this position, the business of drugs can also be run unabated.

The head of the Haqqani network, Sirajuddin Haqqani, who has been made interior minister in the government of Afghanistan, is fully responsible for Afghanistan’s internal security. The reins of Afghanistan’s intelligence agencies will also be in the hands of this bounty terrorist declared by the US to be worth crores of rupees. The ISI chief himself had reached Afghanistan to get Haqqani this post and he had made it clear to Baradar that Haqqani would have to be made interior minister if the rule was to be run unimpeded.

According to a top intelligence agency official, there are many targets from the ISI behind making Haqqani the interior minister. For example, as the interior minister, Haqqani will have all the intelligence about Afghanistan and Pakistan will also keep getting to know which Taliban leaders are adopting a flexible approach towards India. At the same time, the training and movement of Lashkar and Jaish terrorists will continue unabated in Afghanistan.

According to intelligence reports, Haqqani has also invested heavily in Pakistan and has also taken an assurance from the Pakistan Intelligence Agency (ISI) that his family will not suffer under any circumstances. Haqqani is doing this because in the Haqqani network, only a family member can sit on the post of the head, as after Jalaluddin Haqqani, Sirajuddin Haqqani was given the command of this network. The name Haqqani also got its name because Jalaluddin Haqqani did his studies from Darul Uloom Haqqani.

Whether it is the report of the US intelligence agency or that of Russia, it has been said unanimously that its power light house for the ship named Haqqani network has been the headquarters of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI since the beginning. Also, Haqqani network produces 95 percent of suicide bombers out of 100, which is why Haqqani network maintains ethnic enmity with India and also attacked Indian High Commission in Afghanistan through suicide bombers.

According to the intelligence report, the Haqqani network is so powerful that it has been controlling the Khost and Pakdia areas on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border from the very beginning and this is the route from where if 10 routes go to Pakistan, then 11 to Afghanistan. Ways go. Meaning if any help is to be sent to Afghanistan, it can easily be sent through this route. There is also the shortest route to Kabul from here and through this route the Haqqani network has been conducting fidayeen attacks in and around Kabul. At present, Pakistan will serve its interests through the Haqqani network and this has also worried Russia because if Haqqani’s interference increases in the countries adjoining Russia, then its heat will go to Russia.

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