Clashes again between Israel and Palestine, several rockets were fired at the Gaza Strip

There has been a situation of conflict again between Israel and Palestine. Rockets are being fired from both sides on the Gaza Strip. On Monday night, the Israeli army fired several rockets at the Palestinian organization Hamas on the Gaza Strip. These blasts on the Gaza Strip have sparked a war between Israel and Palestine. The Gaza Strip has once again become a battleground between the two countries.

Israeli’s action was actually a response to Sunday’s attack, in which Hamas was accused of rocketing Israel from the Gaza Strip. did. Israel claims that Hamas’s training center and weapons have been damaged in its attack.

What is the inside story behind the dispute
War broke out from both sides Behind it is a Palestinian prisoner who escaped from an Israeli prison. Last week, six Palestinian prisoners escaped from an Israeli prison by tunneling with a spoon. Fire balloons were thrown at Israel from Gaza to celebrate the escape of the prisoners. Although 4 of these prisoners were caught again, but the search for 2 is still on. It is believed that Hamas fired three rockets at Israel to avenge this, and in response, Israel fired several rockets at the Gaza Strip.

Earlier in May this year Israel and Palestine There was also an 11-day long bloody struggle between them. Later, on the advice of many countries, Israel agreed to stop the attack. In this conflict, about 227 people of Palestine were killed. In which 64 children and 38 women were involved. In this attack, 1620 people of Palestine were injured. While about 58,000 Palestinians were forced to leave their homes.

Os‍Lo Treaty on 13 September 1993
airstrikes between Israel and Palestine Yesterday i.e. 13 It was taking place in September at the same time when both countries should have celebrated the anniversary of the 1993 Os‍Lo Treaty. In the Os‍Lo Treaty signed in America in 1993, it was agreed to normalize the relationship between the two countries, but this treaty has completely failed amidst the latest circumstances.

Between Israel and Palestine. The Gaza Strip is one of the most vulnerable places in the world due to the tensions that occur almost every month. The latest rocket attack on the Gaza Strip seems likely to break Israel-Palestine war again after four months.