America Intelligence Agency CIA Considers These Countries Big Threat Not Afghanistan

Terrorist Threat For US: As an international terrorist threat, the US no longer considers Afghanistan as its major threat to its soil. The top intelligence agency there said this during the Intelligence and National Security Conference program on Monday. This statement has been given by the intelligence agency at a time when there is a danger of ISIS and Al Qaeda reuniting and becoming a terrorist base after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

According to CNN, during the Annual Intelligence and National Security Summit, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said that ISIS, especially from Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, poses a greater threat than Afghanistan.

He said- As far as the terrorist threat on American soil is concerned, we do not give priority to Afghanistan in this list. Speaking via video conferencing, Haines said, “Where we look is Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Iraq where ISIS is there. So here is the biggest danger.”

Haines acknowledged that without US troops in Afghanistan and without a US-backed government in power in Kabul, intelligence in Afghanistan has “diminished”. But he insisted that the intelligence community had prepared for this reality “for a long time”.

Officials have publicly stated that the Islamic State branch in Afghanistan, ISIS-K, could pose a potential threat to the United States. On August 26, the terrorist group carried out a suicide bombing in the middle of American evacuation from Kabul, in which 13 American service members and dozens of Afghans were killed. However, Haines said the primary focus for the intelligence community is now monitoring “any possible reorganization of terrorist organizations” in Afghanistan.