Al-Qaeda Chief Ayman Al-Zawahri Appears In New Video Marking 9/11 Attacks Anniversary

America has returned after 20 years from Afghanistan, but with it the threat of another terrorist attack has also returned. A recent video of Al-Zawahiri, the head of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, has surfaced. Until now, it was believed that al-Zawahiri was dead, but appeared on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. According to The Sight Intelligence Group, which monitors the jihadist website, this video was released on Saturday. Al Zawahiri has once again threatened the American in this video.

In the video, Al-Qaeda’s chief Al-Qaeda warned, “The need of the hour is that we weaken the enemy with military and economic attacks and force him to kneel.” That is why it is very important to go out of your sphere of influence and attack the enemies. Attacks on enemy land become very important. That is why an operation like ‘Tal al-Simn’ becomes very important, this operation is a perfect example of an attack on the enemy army.’

However, The Sight Intelligence Group estimates that this video has not been shot recently. The video seems to have been shot after January. Al-Zawahiri did not mention the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan in the video. The reappearance of al-Zawahiri’s video in this way is also considered a major threat to America, because now Afghanistan is under Taliban control, so terrorists can use its soil, it cannot be denied.

Taliban’s ‘master’ China warns America!
China was adamant on recognizing the Taliban regime and China, which has emerged as the biggest helper for this terrorist government, has also instructed America to be aware of terrorist attacks. Hu Shijin, editor of the Chinese government newspaper Global Times, tweeted. He wrote, ‘The attack of September 11 was a suicide attack of 19 terrorists, but it was not a suicide attack of terrorism. Terrorism will gather strength for the next horrific attack. Time will tell whether it was America’s grave mistake to consider China as its biggest enemy.

The US and China conflict is well known, after the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, the American army returned and when China started supporting the Taliban again and again, the world criticized it. In which America was also included. But China, which was looking for a diabolical alliance, on the contrary, blaming the US, saying that only American is responsible for the situation in Afghanistan.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, ‘The war that America started in Afghanistan after 9/11 lasted for 20 years. But this war not only failed to eliminate the terrorists, but during this time many terrorist organizations and foreign terrorists also emerged from Afghanistan. America is the biggest culprit of the Afghan crisis and it should take a lesson from it.

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