Afghanistan Ministry Of Higher Education On Higher Education Curriculum | Afghanistan Crisis: Decree of Taliban Government

Afghanistan Crisis: The Taliban is going to change the curriculum of higher education in Afghanistan soon. Acting Higher Education Minister Sheikh Abdul Baqi Haqqani said on Sunday that girls and boys cannot be made to sit together in class. This is not acceptable.

According to Tulu News, Bucky said that some changes will be brought in the syllabus. The changes will be based on Islamic Sharia. “Every subject which is against Islamic laws will be removed,” he said.

Recently many such pictures have come from Afghanistan in which a curtain was put in the middle to separate boys and girls in a class. “Women can study at all levels of universities, including the postgraduate level, but classes must be gender-divided and wearing Islamic dress will be mandatory,” Bucky said.

Haqqani said female students of the university would have to wear the hijab but did not elaborate on whether it would mean wearing only a head scarf or that covering the face would also be mandatory.

On 15 August the Taliban captured the whole of Afghanistan. After this, on 7 September, the Taliban announced the government. Not a single woman is included in the entire cabinet.

The Taliban last banned art and music during their rule. At that time, girls and women were denied education and kept out of public life by the Taliban. Now once again when the Taliban government is formed, the eyes of the world are fixed.