5 Ministers Of Taliban Government Have Received Training From Haqqaniya Madrassa In Pakistan

Afghanistan News: After the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban has announced the formation of an interim government. The Taliban cabinet includes many experienced leaders of the 1990s. The Taliban has chosen Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund, who has been appointed as the caretaker prime minister of Afghanistan, for its top leadership. At the same time, Mulla Abdul Ghani Baradar has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister of Akhund. The interesting thing is that there are 5 such ministers in the list of ministers, who have got training from Haqqaniya Madrasa in Pakistan. Know about them.

According to BBC Urdu, these five leaders got training from Haqqaniya Madrasa

  • Mullah Abdul Latif Mansoor (Minister of Water and Energy)
  • Maulana Abdul Baqi (Minister of Higher Education)
  • Najibullah Haqqani (Information & Broadcasting Minister)
  • Maulana Noor Mohammad Saqib (Haj Minister)
  • abdul hakim sahrai (Minister of Justice)

Taliban spokesperson also read from this madrasa

BBC Urdu has told in its report that apart from these five leaders, Afghan Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem has also studied from Darul Uloom Haqqaniya. Also, Mohammad Naeem has done his PhD from International Islamic University Islamabad. Afghan Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen has also studied at the International Islamic University Islamabad. However, Mohammad Naeem and Suhail Shaheen have not been included in the cabinet.

Read more from Darul Uloom Haqqaniya

Those studying from Darul Uloom Haqqaniya include many leaders of the Taliban. They include former Afghan leader Maulana Jalaluddin Haqqani, Maulana Yunus Khalis, Maulana Nabi Mohammadi, who defeated the Soviet Union.

Now know about Haqqaniya Madrasa

Darul Uloom Haqqaniya Madrasa is located in Akora Khattak in Pakistan. This is known as Jihad University. The Haqqani network is named after this madrasa. The Haqqaniya Madrasa is the most important and influential radical Sunni network and operates as a ‘terrorist factory’, where students are taught combat training, bomb making and guerrilla warfare.


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